Ex. 10.3

Name: Kallie Atkins

Advertisement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkM0aFa_MfQ

  1. What visual effects are used to define location?

To visually show time going by, the commercial showed several clips with different background scenery and weather implying seasons and time going by during the span of the commercial.

2. What sound effects are used to define action?

During the span of the commercial, music with a hopeful tone in it was playing, therefore making the audience emotionally attached to the storyline, knowing they want to see a happy ending.

3. What type of format is used?

The technical format of this video was professional. It reminded me of a movie with an actual story and caught my attention more than any other typical commercial. The format of the video caused me to invoke multiple feelings in me: hopefulness, sadness, and happiness all in one.

4. Write a brief synopsis of the ad (three or four sentences at most).

In the Amazon Prime advertisement, a local business worker notices the same man playing his guitar on the side of the road for tips every day alongside his dog. As more days go by, this woman wants the man to succeed and goes onto Amazon Prime to order him a present to make their performance more eye-catching to the townspeople. The package was a cute and humorous pirate costume for the dog.

5. What is the target market of the ad?

Online shopping and shipping through Amazon Prime.

6. What benefits are offered by the ad?

Fast shipping from Amazon Prime.

7. Is there a call to action in the ad?

No. Just the Amazon Prime logo at the end with a “Free 30-Day Trial” offer along with a guarantee “Automatically renews. Cancel anytime.”