The Persuaders Blog Post

The Persuaders taught me how advertising is everywhere we look. We are exposed to it so much that we often do not even notice. I used to think that this form of advertising (commercials, sidewalk art, posters, billboard ads, etc.) was mostly used to sell products, but that is not the case at all. Businesses/people can advertise anything from a company to an event to a product to a service. In order to sell what they need to sell/advertise, advertisers have to always be in the know. Advertisers must know what is popular and what will attract the most attention and what will make their consumers happy, so they must be strategic and smart about it all.

Before watching The Persuaders, I had always wondered why companies still spend so much money producing commercials when most people now have the power to skip through commercials. Little did I know that other forms of advertising were taking place right before my eyes without even knowing. At one time or another, we have all observed the more obvious forms of product placement, for instance, the Mustangs in the Transformers movies, but it had never occurred to me just how often it happens in the every day shows and movies I watch, including Friends. The most astonishing fact I had heard in The Persuaders was about one episode of Sex and the City where they specifically wrote an episode to solely advertise a brand throughout the whole episode. The episode contributed nothing to the direction of the current story line of the show, but they made it work. Watching clips from that episode, I would have just thought it was a normal story line, but after seeing what it was all about, it made sense.

Recently, I came across a YouTube channel that caught my eye. Barbie has been a pretty consistently popular brand for quite some time, and after seeing their YouTube channel, I can see why. The toy brand takes advantage of what is trending at the time to advertise their products in the most effective and creative ways. Barbie now has her own YouTube vlog channel, consisting of popular tags on YouTube including challenge videos, makeup tutorials and much more. Recognizing how big of an impact YouTube has made on society during the past decade, the brand created this fun and uplifting computer animated character for young girls to watch, connect and laugh with. Once young children develop somewhat of a relationship with this online character, they will want to buy the dolls. Barbie is a perfect example of using creativity to create emotional ties and relationships between the product and the consumers.

Overall, The Persuaders showed me just how smart and strategic advertisers have to be at their craft in order for their brand/company to succeed. They must know what it takes to make an advertisement and brand memorable, whether it is a catchy jingle with a slogan or an emotional commercial that tugs at the heart strings, and they have to know what the audience likes.

On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.