8. Learn about Austin Post

Post Malone

This multi talented musician, 22 year old Post is fresh on the scene with a lot to offer.

Photo found on Austin’s Instagram.

In a morning radio interview around 10am with HOT 97, Post has already cracked open a cold one to kick start his day. He says that he’s always been a beer drinker and that drinking beer stems from more of his culture and not from his fame. He is known to have a very unique style from his hair down to his shoes. Whether its corn rows, mini braids, or even bangs, Post keeps us on our toes on how he will show up to events. In this interview he was wear two braids, a fake fur coat (fake because he had to keep it PC), a Givenchy white button down that he referred to as his “white trash class”, bright blue trousers, and to complete the look he wore ostrich boots.

Some may say that the reason he has got as big as he’s gotten so fast is possibly because of Bieber. They met at the recording studio when Post was finishing things up for the album and he just asked Biebz, “Do you want a beer?” So they shared beers together and the studio got a little more rowdy with an on-the-knee chug off between the two.

The parody “pay back” picture of Justin and Austin. Photo found on Google Images.

This picture is a funny picture about some chatter that was chatted amongst on lookers in the club and fans hearing about it in the media. One night they were out at a club partying and Bieber put a cig out on Austin’s arm then he actually wanted to make a scene and make people think they got into it and actually Post ended up going along with it grabbing Bieber by the throat. (lol) This pic is the result of that in time to come — All in good fun, right?

Their friendship which started in the studio was furthered by Justin asking Post to go on tour with him and open up at the concerts. Austin thought it was a joke but when it was verified he was 100% down to do the tour. Thinking about how big Bieber is, it’s kind of hard to deny that this didn’t help Malone’s career. This went on to him doing a tour of his own that he is currently on!! That I actually get to go to in Nashville on October 22 which is in 13 days!!!!!! If you can’t tell I’m really really excited!!!!!!!!!

Photo found on his Intsagram.

For Austin to be so new on the scene (2015) he’s made his way into featuring in songs with a lot of popular artist’s like Lorde, Khalid (I’m obsessed w/ him!), SZA, & last but not least watt. He has a couple cool -great-awesome artists that feature on his album Stoney as well. It has Justin Bieber, Quavo, Kehlani, and 2 Chainz.

Stoney album cover. Photo found on Apple Music.

This album is amazing!!! It has a lot to offer for different kinds of listeners. He plays guitar in some of the songs and a little fun fact **he started out as a country artist** just kind of comical seeing him now with a gold grill in and braids but I guess he is staying true to his roots with the ostrich boots ;) buuut TO EACH THEIR OWN and that is exactly what Post is — his own person beating to his own drum. Now to get back on topic, Stoney has some deep lyrics on it. “Feeling Whitney” and “Broken Whiskey Glass” make you get in your feels in a way while “Congratulations” and “Hit This Hard” get you hype.

Photo found on his Instagram.

He has a lot of good singles out right now that I’m going to give a list of because I think they’re definitely worth a listen for his part in the song as well as the artists whom the song belongs to so here we go:

  • The Meaning — FKi 1st ft. Post
  • Homemade Dynamite (Remix) — Lorde ft. Khalid, Post, & SZA
  • Embarrassed — Gucci Mane ft. Post

Stoney Recommendations:

I Fall Apart

White Iverson

Up There

Hit This Hard



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