9. Learn about Radric Davis

Gucci Mane

Jail time talk and what life is really about for him..

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Bama born, but ATL is where he grew up and is starting a family of his own. He and Fiancé, Keyshia Ka’oir, have been busy building their dream home in ATL all along side of Gucci staying busy and putting forth hard work. He released First Day Out Tha Feds just 24 hours after his own release from Maximum Security Prison in 2016.

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Throughout the early 2000’s, Gucci stayed in and out of trouble with the law sometimes ending up with a little jail time. His latest scandal was in 2014 when he pleaded guilty on 2 counts of possessing a firearm while a noted felon. That got him two years of prison time where he had the time to write many songs and work on bettering himself mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re familiar with Gucci Mane or not, before he went to prison this most recent time, he had a good bit of weight on him, around 280 pounds is what he said in an interview. When he was incarcerated, he would run up and down the stairs and add on a lap every single time eventually losing about 80 pounds. Realizing his self worth changed Radric’s view on life and made him willing to stop fueling his body with bad things and focus on filling it with the things he was missing before.

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Photo found on Gucci’s Instagram

Mr. Davis was asked about his view on how jail time shaped him and he told the interviewer that the drugs and criminal life is not worth it. When he was in there all he wanted to focus on was getting out so when he was in contact with Keyshia over e-mail during his incarceration, he never wanted to know the things being said in the outside world, he was mainly concerned with friends and family.

His music career dates back to longer than 18 years ago. He has made over 10 albums and over 70 mixtapes. His new relevance has taken flight after his release from prison and he likes to focus on the newness of things so thats what this post focuses on as well- the newer events in Gucci Manes life.

In an interview Gucci says “I embrace anything thats new.” Which is why he wants to collab with 21 Savage and anyone who the fans are ‘into’ right now. Everybody Looking, the album that “1st Day Out Tha Feds” is on, was completed in only 6 days. The album has features from Kanye, Drake and long time friend Young Thug.

Gucci’s music is about the rawness of his past life and things going on in his life from a day to day basis too. He allows listeners to come into his space and feel the aggravation through his music to inspire listeners to say what they want to say and say what they feel. Thats where his music comes from. He has songs that are more about his time recovering and who got him through it, Keyshia. He references her in a lot of his songs, which is understandable because they are ride or dies for each other.

Everybody Looking was out quicker than quick and some people may view the album as rushed or somewhat undone and not well thought out. To contradict that, maybe since Gucci was so ready to get out of there and get back to his music that he wanted to put something out to let the fans know “I’m back and coming in hot.”

Everybody Looking album cover found on Apple Music

“Everybody Looking” song recommendations:

  • 1st Day Out Tha Feds (naturally)
  • Gucci Please
  • Back On Road

“The State vs. Radric Davis” song recommendations:

  • Bricks
  • I Think I’m In Love
  • Photoshoot
The State vs. Radric Davis found on Apple Music

Now You Know some more background on Radric’s prison time epiphanies and after prison life with the love of his life.

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