Restore removed or absent contacts in Yahoo Mail Account

Select Contacts restoration

Restore one or more Person’s contacts

Generally, you can backup contacts that were deleted in the past.For this you can also reach Call yahoo customer service.

In Yahoo Mail:

Tap on the Contacts icon.

Tap on Deleted Contacts in the left most columns.
 — Any removed contacts come into view in the column to the right most.

Select each contact you want to backup.
 — If the contacts you’re searching for aren’t listed, skip to “Restore your whole contacts list” below.

If you’ve chosen multiple contacts, click Restore Contacts.
 — If you’ve only chosen one contact, click Restore.

Click Restore once more to confirm.
 — Your preferred contacts are returned to your Contacts list.

Click Done to get back to Yahoo Contacts.

Restore your whole contacts list

Not able to see the contacts you’re searching for in “Deleted Contacts”? Now you can backup your full list of contacts.

Yahoo contacts can be restored to exactly how they looked on a particular date.

Any latest contacts if you add since the restore date will get lost. Back up your contacts by taking them before you try a restore.

Steps In Yahoo Mail:

Tap on the Contacts icon .

Click on Actions | choose Restore from backup.

Choose a date to restore your contacts to from the drop-down menu.

Click Restore.