Hi Karl! We see a couple advantages to using AR over VR.
Benjamin Resnick

As far as it feeling too immersive if the office was too busy or bright I’m sure they would prefer shutting it out. The hybrid reason is much more interesting as it speaks to questions about appropriate displays and interface mediums for actions. Will be a while before programming and spreadsheet manipulations are encoded for comfortable and efficient use in VR/AR.

The hybrid aspect begs the question as too whether AR/VR provides enough value to add it too a users/office workers office ecosystem/workflow. The insights gained will have to provide a lot of value to make dealing with the translations, gear and transfer of learning worth it.

In the end, I still don’t think it can be called an AR application isn’t applicable unless some aspect is anchored in reality. It’s a VR app being used on an AR headset due to user choice.

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