I agree with most of your gripes (I particularly love Sketch’s rudely truncated layer names).
Joshua Bradley

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the feedback and the suggested plugins. Thing is I’m not interested in plugins for the sake of fixing problems that the app needs to handle natively or that other apps cause.

I used OG for 5+ years before Sketch started getting popular. I came off Visio before that. OmniGraffle’s stencils help fill the gap of propagating elements you want to use across files. Problem is, updating stencils doesn’t update the files using them. I loved Visio. Built complex stencils for whole design systems in it.

Separately I had issues with OG’s Inspector when text was on dif panels then object properties. They have merged them now and that makes setting a style up fairly easy.

The thing I most appreciate in OG is the fact that shapes can contain text. With margins and vertical alignment 90% of UX elements are easily made and edited.

I haven’t used it for the last year since using Sketch so I don’t remember other issues I had. Would be interested to hear your OG foibles.