You Can’t Fix Education
Hank Green

I believe you are correct! Great article, btw! Here are my thoughts (that align with yours).

Education, generally speaking, does not “need to be fixed”. It’s a system that’s worked for nearly 1,000 years, had brought humanity to where it is today and frankly… it works.

When people say it doesn’t work, it’s because they are looking at the wrong areas — typically they are looking at funding. “Education doesn’t work because education in the USA is often near the bottom compared to the rest of the world” — while that’s true, it’s also false. The concept of classroom education works! The regulation, funding, and progression towards a technological world is what doesn’t work as well.

Take into account that education is a very broad term, and the fact that the world has decided that classroom education doesn’t work within the last 30 years and we have another problem: people are comparing what works to optimization. Can you optimize a click through rate? Yep. Can you optimize a students learning experience through a screen? Probably, but it’s so difficult it seems nearly impossible. Humans are engineered to be social and classrooms are part of that.

Can things be improved? Yes. Optimized? Most of the time. Can you remove classroom learning like what a lot of edtech startups want to do? Doubtful.

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