The Futon Story

During my junior year of college, I bought a $500 futon. I needed a new bed, but my boyfriend at the time thought it would be silly for me to invest in my own set. We were going to get married after I graduated in a year anyway, so of course we would just upgrade his King and a nice futon would go great in the family room of the home we were to build together.

Seven (not several, but SEVEN) years later, I’m writing this from the same futon in my little downtown studio and I definitely need a new bed again. It was a little humbling to move back to Portland two years ago and dragging this faithful piece of upholstery out of storage and into my new apartment. I could have went out and gotten the whole package, a beautiful bed frame, box spring, a nice memory foam mattress, I could have thrown it down then, but I didn’t because it seemed so...permanent. The fact that my bed is a futon has been a subconscious reminder to myself that I’m not going to be a carefree bachelorette forever, and that I still have hopes of building a proper home with someone, someday. And this futon will go in the den or the movie room.

But now I do believe it’s time to bid my beloved futon goodbye, because it’s killing my back. And I’ve worked hard, so that my cat and I can have nicer things. Anyone in the market for one?

It pretty much looks like this.