How to win from Toxic people

You may heard a quote saying:

“Only way to win from toxic people is not to play”

Who are toxic people’s?

Anyone can become a Toxic person if they are egoistic, angry, haters, enemies etc…

People with these symptoms are available in your family, friends, Collage and work etc…

Toxic people’s will argue on small things or small problems and make it a bigger problem. If you do arguments in order to reply them then you get into their trap. After getting you in the trap they will bring you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.

After a whole argument they will left you angry and frustrated with a bad headache. Their primary goal for those arguments is to destroy your pease and make you a angry person.

It’s better to not reply Toxic people to win from them. You must see the trap they are trying to get you in. These types of people’s are more dangerous than a spider. Because spider will drink you blood and kill you, but toxic people’s will keep you alive and make you feel like you’re dead by torturing you everyday.

If you do not reply to them and control yourself from replying and arguing back in that moment than Toxic people’s will become powerless and you’ll defend yourself and also defeat them at the same time by being silent and keeping your inner peace.