The power of neglect

Neglect is like a disease which increase with time if not stopped. Once you neglect one thing then you get habited to neglect all time and get nothing done.

“Tomorrow is the busiest day of life”

We all have power to improve ourselves and achieve anything we want to accomplish.

If you want to become successful, skilled, thin, muscular etc.. in short whatever you want to become, believe me you can do it and you can do it now.

Our brains are designed to avoid work and become lazy. If we want to change our selves than we need to train our brain to avoid neglect and not to become lazy.

A lot of people are neglecting to become what they want to become. That is why only 20% have 80% if money in the world and 80% of people have only 20% of money.

A quick example on this,

If you got hungry and you neglect the food by saying I’ll eat it tomorrow and the you say the same thing at another tomorrow and another and another and than you’ll soon find your self at hospital or dead.

Our body needs food to be alive. Just like this we need to do the required work or tasks to achieve what we want to achieve and to become what we want to become.

Just like food if we don’t eat it in the required time frame we’ll get ill. Same thing with the work if we don’t do the work in required time frame than we will not get the desired results.

Not having faith and trust in the work you are doing is also taking you to neglecting. I’ve seen many peoples and also myself too having no trust in the work they are doing and they become impatient to achieve their goals. They want results very quickly. You need to have faith and trust in the work you are doing and also keep some patience to get desired results from your work.

There is no tomorrow, because tomorrow also becomes today on next day. So if you’re neglecting your work by thinking or saying that you’ll do it tomorrow than you’ll never get it done