Little things I hate/pet peeves.

  1. Any company/label/whatever that uses words such as Xtreme, Xpress, Xchange. USE THE ‘E’, DAMN IT.
  2. Similar to point number 1, anyone who writes my name (Katie) as ‘KT’ *facepalm*.
  3. Nicolas Cage in almost everything he has done, minus Con-Air.
  4. Although I am indecisive at times, there is nothing worst when you are with a group of people and everyone is suggesting different things to do, some add on extra ideas, others changes it until eventually the final plan ends up nothing like the original suggestion and no one seems quite on board with it anyway.
  5. The songs: Sweet Home Alabama, Wonderwall, anything by Guns and Roses.
  6. The fact no matter what I do, my nail varnish always will chip on the first day of painting it, without fail. (I hardly ever bother anymore…)
  7. The expressions: “Bae be like…” “Hoes be like…” “Boys be like…” etc.
  8. The further expressions: “Squad goals.” “On fleek.” “When you in da club…” (Usually followed with “be like.”)
  9. When you have moved out of your way to let someone pass you on the street and they give you nothing, not a smile, a thank you or even recognition that you have been a decent human being.
  10. Someone makes fun of you and they follow it with “Ah, just joking.” or whatever, but then you retailiate (even if with the same joke) and all of a sudden you have offended them and they get pissy. Double standards.
  11. Adding the unneeded ‘k’ on the end of words such as: nothing, anything, something. Why is there a compulsion to do somethingk like that?
  12. Drunk people being crazy rude to people just doing their job e.g. bouncers, taxi drivers, bar staff.
  13. People suggesting I am inbred because I come from Cornwall.
  14. Gloating.
  15. Sliced knee jeans. You know the ones, it’s not the rough and ripped natural look you get from worn denim, that builders, or just people who love their old favourite pair of jeans and don’t mind them falling apart. It’s not even pretending to be that. It’s just two straight up slits to expose your kneecaps. Why?
  16. Lads. Enough said, desciption not needed.
  17. Men’s ice gem haircuts taking short back and sides to a whole new ugly level. (Typical of point 16.)
  18. The sound of ice scraping e.g. taking something out of an overfrosted freezer. It makes my throat close up and I gag. (A weird one, I know.)
  19. Popping a tiny blackhead and it becomes a massive spot.
  20. When you express something you like and get called a ‘hipster’ or ‘try-hard’ or ‘hippy’ or ‘geek’. People find enjoyment out of different things in differing ways, respect that.
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