Waking up an anxious fuck.


Is my mind right now.

I woke up feeling like every tiny worry, small tasks that are very achievable smacked against the forefront of my mind the moment I woke up this morning yelling…

“BITCH. CRY. SORT YOUR SHIT. Why have you not sorted it? Are you not a fully fledge adult? Can you not handle responsibilities? WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH. Sort them. Sort them now or fail. Fail. Fail. What are you doing? Stop crying! Stop making excuses from not doing shit! Just do them and your feel better, but here are all the things you should be worried about…




small thing__________________

big thing____________________

uni thing_____________________

work thing___________________

priority number one___________

priority number two ___________

NOW DO THEM OK. Omg, stop looking so upset, you are weak and pathetic. ‘Oh but it’s my mental health problems’ ‘oooh I’m Katie and I have issues’. We all have issues. DEAL WITH IT BITCH. SZXDFCGVHBJNKMLNJBHVGCRTXEZW\E\ZSRXCFYVBHJNKBHVGCFXDEZWRXDTCFVGHBJVGCFRXEZXDCFVGH!!”

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