TukTuk Mafia at MC

I wanted to take a tuktuk from Majestic City to a location near Isipathana College the other day. It was kind of rainy so no PickMe or Uber was available at that moment and I was in a hurry too. So the only option I had was to pick a tuktuk from the parking in front of MC.

As I walk there, one tuk guy who did not have a meter asked for the location I wanted to go and said “250i sir”. I said no since the guy didn’t have a meter. Then another guy said “enna sir meter thiyenawa”. I decided to go with him since the guy actually had a meter.

The journey was so short but the meter was at 4.2 Km by the end of it. I felt fishy about it and took a photo of the meter and got down. Then checked Google maps for the exact route we followed; not surprisingly, it was only a 2.2 Km journey!

I posted about what happened to me on Facebook and it turned out that I am not the only person who got fooled by these guys.

Its clear these guys have found a way to alter the meter and charge the passengers almost double the amount of the actual value. Be cautious when you take meter tuktuks. Having a meter does not always guarantee that you pay the correct amount for the journey.

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