I feel as though I’ve been led on an endless quest to find Atlas. I finally made it back to space after refueling the hyperdrive and this being, this thing, has infiltrated my nav-comp and set a waypoint towards what it’s saying is itself. What kind of power this thing must have if it’s able to so simply bypass all the security encryption and secondary systems to do so.

I’ve made the first of what looks to be a half-dozen more hyperspace jumps. I was able to short cut the navigational suggestions and save fuel but I will have to make a trip planet-side to gather ore for refilling these warp core storage units. One of the benefits of contact with this Atlas creature is it that it uploaded schematics and plans for both the storage units as well as how to synthesize antimatter using the waste heat from the pulse drive. Very useful, indeed. Now I won’t have to spend quite as many units to keep my ship hyperspace-ready.

I’ve made the last jump before I must refuel. I’ve set down on a very idyllic world to gather the last few bits of mineral required for the final synthesis stage. It seems to me that whatever this Atlas is, is it’s native to both the normal space and the hyper space since it appears to have both the knowledge of traveling between them and of using that ability, perhaps, as a means of long distance communication. Or does this mean it exists in many places at once? I suppose I will find out soon. My nav chart is showing that the next system in hyper space jump range is where Atlas is.

I’ve just exited one of the Atlas’ constructions. I am overawed but full of excited joy as well. The station, sphere, whatever it is is one of the largest what seems … I am not sure how to say this. It looks as though it was built by humans in some way, perhaps by these korvax folks I started to see in the last few stations or perhaps by the Atlas entity somehow. Whomever constructed these they’re enormous. Vaguely, I would like to say they’re even slightly bigger inside than out. How is that even possible? To what purpose does it serve, too? There is a general lack of anything inside save the pulsating mass that is impenetrable by my suit or ship scanners and simple platforms that are clearly intended for creatures that require walking such as myself. It’s definitely the case that Atlas, whatever it is, is capable of telepathic communication. This could, perhaps, explain how it was able to control systems that should be nearly impenetrable from such vast distances. A calming peace settled down on my mind as I opened it to this vast intelligence. It was as though I momentarily became one with this, this, everything. I am not able to comprehend all of what was seeded into my mind and yet I am completely at ease with this, as if it was always there, unacknowledged or hidden away somehow. Amnesia, perhaps? It’s very hard to discern where my mind begins and where this everythingness ends. I am going to continue to seek what lies on the path I’ve seen set down countless ages ago. I am going to continue to explore and find my way to the center, where I am promised that which I seek. I am not even sure what it is I seek but I feel compelled to find it.

I made my next jump and was alerted to an anomalous readout as I left hyperspace. Obviously I needed to investigate and was greeted by a very strange pair. A korvax and gek clearly of great friendship welcomed me to the path of the Atlas. This is the first time I’ve encountered any of either species that were capable of human speech at all. It was a welcome change. The tall korvax asked of me a choice. As I have been on the path of the atlas for some time, I told her, it, it’s not possible to tell, as much and she was able to point me towards another Atlas station only a few more jumps from where I am now. I will go to this place to commune once more with Atlas, hopefully to find more answers to the now brewing questions that have arose in my mind since being one with it before. It also offered to show me the way to a black hole that will lead me to the galactic core more quickly. I am not familiar with technology that is able to withstand the immense forces within one but it does appear that it (she? he?) it might be possible. I will have to try to find this info from Atlas when we meet next. For now I will take the longer, safer route. From the gek I received a schematic a passkey that he called an Atlas card. I am uncertain how it relates but I will construct one when I return to my ship.

Stepping back a bit and browsing my nav charts I’ve realized that my voyage towards the galactic core is going to be an extremely long one. This ship, trusty though it is, will not be up for such a lengthy journey. I will have to find one with more storage space so that I will be able to have the fuel I need for such a distance. It is going to be a long, lonely trip I fear. I do hope to meet many, many beings along the way. Ah, here’s a ship that looks just like what I need landing now.

So I have purchased this vessel. I was incorrect in it’s suitability for long-term but it’s an improvement. At the price the korvax was asking, perhaps it’s all I am able to afford at the moment anyway. I will have to ask around about upgrading the hyperdrive system somehow. I am unsure if the current one, which is the same as my previous ship’s technology, will be able to make the lengthy jumps it looks like I will need to make between a few systems on the path the nav-comp has calculated.

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