Interesting note: I wrote this a year ago, a few months prior to my intense foray into writing on Quora. I left it unpublished, I think, fearing judgment from others and not feeling confident in my thoughts and feelings.

Don’t want to read? Reasons I started writing and goals I have with writing.

For a few months actually, I’ve contemplated starting to write. What would it be like to have all my thoughts in one place? In a place that I could personalize and customize and call my own. It was an interesting prospect, but nonetheless, with school, activities, and other commitments in the way, I never had the chance to sit down and dedicate time to figuring out where to start. I have always wanted to put my thoughts somewhere so that one day I’d be able to look back and reflect and understand my development. Though a lot of my friends/the Internet suggested tumblr/blogger/other sites, I really wanted to make my blog based on WordPress since I had always heard positive things about the amount of customization and overall utility that WordPress has. It took a good few hours (sometimes I suck with tech stuff), but here I am. Overall, I’m just really stoked to embark on this journey. I really think that in life there are so many books read, articles read, places explored, countries visited, and conversations had that disappear once our memory forgets them. This quote by Dr. Seuss perfectly describes my feelings.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Dr. Seuss

These are such meaningful things, but once our mind loses grasp of the memory, the lessons are etched into the sky, no longer in our minds. I feel that life is so valuable, so precious, and I try to always have positive experiences and to learn from negative ones, and I think just looking into my thoughts will be a profoundly satisfying experience. To whomever stumbles across my blog, I hope you can enjoy my insights and find enlightenment or some sort of joy from reading what goes through my mind. If not, I don’t mind too much! At the end of the day, I want my blog to be a home for my thoughts and my dreams. With the start of my blog, I want to establish some goals, so that I can stick with this venture.

Goals and Aspirations

Personal Growth

  • Understand myself better
  • Understand my wants, my needs, and my thoughts
  • Have a tangible way of viewing my development/progression through life
  • Try to live minimilastically (cut out the unnecessary, draining aspects)
  • Have a platform to speak my thoughts without judgment
  • Live in an intentional life
  • Be more kind, caring, and helpful to others
  • Be disciplined and create healthy habits

Writing Prowess

  • Improve communication of thoughts/ideas
  • Discover my writing/blogging style
  • Understand myself better as a writer

Cognitive Improvement

  • Delve into my thoughts more deeply
  • Ask myself why I believe certain things
  • Question the assumptions that society has for me
  • Figure out myself as a person
  • Understand the meaningful experiences of my life

Blogging (Blog WEEKLY)

  • Write about books/articles that you’ve read
  • Detail the meaningful conversations with friends/family/strangers
  • Jot down the new goals/aspirations and the progression on the current goals/aspirations
  • Write ways that I can improve myself and ways that I have improved myself already
  • Keep a positive mindset and keep pushing for improvement
  • Take time to appreciate the people/experiences/books/moments in life