Christmas Tree…!!!

As part of the Christmas celebrations, our organization initiated a plan to decorate each department’s bay with a unique concept, presentation and theme to encourage employees for donation of used cloths, toys and books. An evaluator will declare the winning team and gonna be awarded.

Our team had a brilliant idea, to decorate our bay and built a Christmas tree with used cloths, toys and books (we have pooled little money as well). we have our own winning and logical points as below:

  1. we believed Christmas is about giving hope to other life’s (who is in distress)
  2. Should be dedicated to all the beings who lost there life and peers in this year 2014
  3. To encourage employee for donation/charity

Couple of guys in my department formed as a team and initiated to build the Christmas tree with few table drawers as base, cloths, books etc etc. finally we have arrived to a shape of Christmas tree by then it was late evening of 24 December .

Each member of my department started to comment that, tree looks embarrassing, not to include photographs of people sufferings, there is no merry Christmas message on the tree, I loved this one tree looks like shiva linga (Indian gods Idol) etc, etc. I was little embarrassed, as I was leading my team for decorating our bay.

I believed that concept is really good may be representation was bad and was felt low. on 24 night in a bad mood returned home assuming that we are going to loose the competition.

Next day morning my team kept decorating the tree and finally waited for the evaluator to decide. I still had hope of winning because of our concept was unique.

When evaluator visited, I have explained the our concept, theme and tree is dedicated for agonized people of 2014.

Out of 4 departments Christmas decorations the evaluator choose our team has a best concept, theme and declared as winner of the competition. Finally I was happy that my concept was sold.

Point is stand up for what you believe in, you will learn and enjoy.