Humanity and Medicine

A need for introduction of Humanities for Medical practitioner

There are many species on our planet earth. We humans are the most intelligent and evolving species. We have discovered lots of stuffs and invented many gadgets and for our prosperous living.

We have also formulated several different topics to educate for our well being. For example Humanity, Astronomy, Medical Sciences, Economics and many more.
Out of the above mentioned the two important and correlated subjects are humanity and Medicine.

An expert in humanity can explore success, grief, failure and happiness for mankind and refuel another being to keep the cycle of nature in harmony and take forward the human race and nature.
Expert in medical science understands anatomy and architecture of human body. He puts effort on of his learning and with help of science; technology adds an extra life to humans, when they are diseased or not keeping well.

Effort is to keep human race active and take it forward.
Humanity expert and Medical practitioner work for a common goal, i.e. survival of human being for longer retro of time.
A medical practitioner should always learn about humanity to enrich his practice of medical science.
Expertise in both the areas will keep the mankind sustained and make our presence for a long time in harmony.