It’s okay if you have not done any Internship in Engineering but……..

The internship is one of the major parts that bestow students’ knowledge and pumps practical knowledge, letting the person know about the real-world application but finding the perfect internship respective to the interested domain is somewhat difficult.
There will be a plethora of internships available but doing an internship from reputed organization matters.

By the end of the 3rd or 4th year, people fall into Internships, but a lot will not get the desired internships or do not even get an Internship.

Alternative of Internship?

Building Portfolio?

Doing Projects?

Doing multiple projects definitely ample up one’s practical knowledge.

What’s the approach?

Let’s say ‘A’ person is highly interested in Web3; doing a project related to blockchain or web3 gives them knowledge of their domain completely.

Doing existing projects or participating in a Hackathon or Kaggle competition is highly beneficial. You can disclose these projects on your resume or GitHub or DevCommunity or can place them in your portfolio.

One can contribute to Opensource if you have enough skills or else grow as an open source contributor.

Finding projects?




Opensource contribution

Directly to the company’s Repository

There’re multiple Hackathons available online You can find them through these sites.

So, It’s okay if you have not done any internships; try focussing on projects and building a portfolio.

Next article is about building a perfect portfolio!

Stay tuned!



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