JSB Market Research: Mobile Commerce and Payments in Retail POS and Shopping

Report Overview

Online shopping is taking a toll on bricks and motor merchants. However, there are technologies and solutions to deal with the practice of showrooming — the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store, and then buying it online at a lower price.

These technologies and solutions include mobile marketing and advertising, mobile shopping applications, social networking, referral sales programs, presence and location detection, embedded entertainment, and more.

Mobile Commerce and Payments in Retail POS and Shopping report provides analysis of the issues, technologies, solutions, and future of in-store shopping via mobile/wireless devices and applications.

Report Benefits

Understand the issues surrounding online vs. offline shopping

Identify strategies to combat online shopping and showrooming

Learn about technologies and solutions to supplement digital marketing

Understand consumers can become more loyal and prone to purchase in-store

Learn how embedded entertainment known as “gamification” can lead to more sales

Browse Full Report @ http://www.jsbmarketresearch.com/technology/r-Mobile-Commerce-and-Payments-in-Retail-POS-and-Shopping-119917 Report Audience

Mobile Cellular Carriers

Wireless Device Manufacturers

Wireless Infrastructure Providers

Commerce, Content and Application Providers

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