How to loose weight with motivation

Now-a-days Excess weight, obesity is very common due to over eating, lack of proper diet and exercises. Firstly you have to build your confidence and have to aim about what you want to achieve.

Make some notes to follow everyday to get motivated:

Divert your thoughts from food and start thinking like why don’t I? I can do anything nothing is impossible for me.

Start slowly with walking 2 kilometers a day in the morning and evening.Listen to some good music which keeps you happy and motivated.Don’t feel guilty for yourself and keep telling that you are hero of your life and you can achieve everything in life.

Be positive and stay stable what you have started and don’t search for reasons to skip at any cost.Make a habit of eating raw vegetables which gives you good digestion when compared to fried foods.

Eat in Timely manner and don’t take heavy food all the time which leads to sleep and it increases laziness and results are “Fat”.And rest well.

Start doing exercises which you’re are comfortable with and if you need help appoint a personal trainer and he will take care of the rest.

Think of a quote all the time for energy and motivation “Rome was not build in a day”.

If you are working spare some time for you in the morning and evening as well.

And keep doing exercises and continue it for 21 days and then you will gradually see some changes on your body and it becomes a daily routine for you and you’ll be happy for that you adapted exercise.

Your friends,colleagues and family members will be shocked with your new avatar and keep praising you and this will increase your will power.

So finally we reached our goal but continuing is very crucial and don’t ignore it.

Good luck.

This is my first post in Medium I am not a professional writer but I want to improve my skills in writing content .So, I dared to pen about this article.Post your comments and correct me if am wrong.Thanks for reading.