Once upon a time…

I remember blogging back in the late 90s. It wasn’t called blogging then - more like an online diary and you had to put to use extensive basic html like <b> and <br> in order for the page to format the way you wanted. It was a different experience. You had a dial up modem, frustrated parents who wanted to use the phone and perusing very basic-looking sites hosted by places like geocities. You didn’t know who your audience was or who was reading but you just wrote to express yourself. You wrote what you wanted and weren’t afraid of who may comment, or what reactions may be unleashed. You were safe in your little online world where you wrote from what your hopes and dreams are, to little poems of how you felt that day, to who you thought would win the oscars or what social injustice you are advocating for on any given day. I don’t think any of this change and I felt for awhile that with change and greater access to content you had to limit what you write but this should be the opposite. We shouldn’t need to carve an online persona to play into the notion of pleasing everyone. We should use this platform to raise our voices on issues which rarely get coverage, or simply to speak about those stories which don’t come to light because of the stigma which surrounds it.

Or simply to just… blog. @

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