Personalized Gift Mug Ideas For All Occassions

We are always on a lookout to gift something special to our loved ones whether it is a birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, friendship day etc. Personalized mugs are able to garner attention from last few years. Let’s have a look at some of these mug varieties.

Mugs used for promoting business/events: Ceramic mugs and bone china mugs are commonly being used for promotion of business or an event they are of great utility. They also come at affordable prices. Ceramic mugs are long lasting and robust; hence they make a great item for promotion of businesses. Bone china mugs are also long lasting and elegant.

Mugs with pictures: A Simple, easy and fashionable way of gift is customized mug as per the cultural demands. For example, you can post a message along with a picture of the gift receiver or anything of your choice on the mug and present it on an anniversary or on a birthday occasion. You can also give them away to your guests as a return gift by posting a Thank You note and your smiling picture. This is definitely going to stay in their memory for a long time. There are also heat-sensitive mugs on which the pictures will appear once hot tea or coffee is poured into it. Photo Mug Printing bring in that unique element or wow factor.

Travel mugs: These mugs are safe having handles and covers and are easy to manage while travelling without spilling the beverage. These types of mugs are often made of porcelain, stainless steel, plastic and heat-resistant glass.

Ceramic mugs are still the cheapest and easiest for printing. Mugs can be gifted not just to adults but also to kids, especially mugs with kids’ favorite cartoon characters printed on them.

Businesses can gift these mugs to their customers during launch events as corporate gifts. Such Customized mugs look unique and modish to expose your brand over a huge customer base.