I’m curious what your “Actual platform” means to you.
Jim Roye

By “actual platform”, I am referring to the bulleted amendments in the Libertarian party platform. It’s meant to be more of a guideline for a future movement that first and foremost relies on galvanization.

Once we agree on a tangible platform that defines our interests, we can flesh out what that signifies for government involvement. I’m being deliberately ambiguous, because this is an attempt at a representative movement that I can not materialize alone.

However, what I do want to highlight, in stark contrast from conventional libertarian mentality, is that minarchism may be ineffective in certain cases, e.g. achieving a balance between unfettered capitalism in companies and the enforcement of waste regulation.

It is a difficult pursuit, and I know the uphill battle in appealing to a party promoting self-interest. The idea of a collectively active libertarian movement may even come off as oxymoronic, but I think that most people are good, and many would gain inherent satisfaction in promoting utilitarian policy.

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