My 2015

2015 has indisputably been the best year of my life thus far:

I killed last years Spartan Beast record at 7 hours.

I’ve reached a new athletic fitness peak and am healthier than ever.

I’ve made massive progress in my detachment of habit-fueled, and static return interests.

I met an unstoppable force of a girl, who is equally as excited about the unprecedented acceleration of our friendship.

I went on the craziest adrenaline adventure of my life with the greatest person I know, piloting and flipping planes, racing Lamborghinis and dune buggying through the desert in Las Vegas.

What has been most significant of all has been the self validation that I was meant to be a programmer. It’s difficult to realize i’ve only been coding for about a year, the amount I’ve learned over such a short span of time is hard to fathom.

Every day is a new puzzle to unravel and my passion for my company and career is only gaining speed as I gain experience. Even today I had the rush of realization with how rapidly I acclimated to fixing up a PHP acquisition, even with intentionally low exposure to JavaScript. For the record, I still love Ruby the mostest.

Wonderful enough is that every fantastic thing that has happened this year helped underpin the groundwork for 2016 to be even more incredible.

Happiest of New Years! I’ma go dress up like a makeshift Kylo Ren, ride a mechanical bull and play in a ball pit to Happy Hardcore!

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