This pretty much sums up the contrast between the two with regards to PED infractions.
Alex Schaps

A-Rod and Ortiz failed the exact same test. The difference was that when Ortiz said it was nothing the media pretty much let it go. Meanwhile, A-Rod was put on 60 Minutes and admitted to what he did. Ortiz, to this day, still never admits to it and the homers accept it. That’s fine, in itself, just don’t pretend that A-Rod didn’t get singled out while Ortiz got a pass.

Despite A-Rod being part of this massive doping procedure, he never failed anything more than that test. Never. The investigation specifically targeted A-Rod and never went after anyone else. Who knows what would come up if Ortiz was held under the same scrutiny?

I don’t know (or really care) if Ortiz is doping, but to use MLB’s testing policy as proof he isn’t using is crazy because, again, A-Rod never failed a test either.

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