The Somali Political Statue

Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal was one of the brightest Statesmen in the political sphere of Somali people, He was Born raised and studied In Somaliland Territory. As well he used to be one of the people those who were very cherished to campaign for Somaliland’s independent from the British colony, fortunately when Somaliland succeeded to regain their freedom in 26/JUNE/1960 he was the leading leader of British-Somaliland. luckily, after a couple of days Somalia also regained independence from the Italian protectorate. 
Later, British Somaliland and the Italian Somalia agreed to unite under one Somali Nation in addition Mr Egal was one of the politicians leading this unification movement, Moreover The government appointed him as the minister of defense (1960-1962) and far ahead he was chosen later as the minister of Education (1962-1963). He improved all the governmental sectors in which he governed and he was an excellent and unique personality which promoted the democracy and governance within the Somali government. 
Afterward, Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke was appointed as the president of Somalia in 1967 and chosen Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal as his prime minister. unfortunately, President Abdirashid Ali Sharmaarke was assassinated and beside it the prime minister was in an official trip to Washington D.C. 
Even though, he was the legal person to receive the office nevertheless, he had been withdrawn by the dictatorial regime of Mohamed Siyad Barre. president Barre also formed the supreme revolutionary council which detained many of the former governors and among them Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal who was sentenced by the regime. 
Later, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal was eventually released and named as the ambassador of India (1976-1978). Furthermore, Siyaad Barre’s regime imprisoned him again in 1985 and luckily released back besides he decided to withdrew the political sphere of Somalia and joined the Somali National Movement (SNM) which was an anti-government movement and finally the government collapsed in 1991. 
After that, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal leading the SNM declared Somaliland as an independent state and became somaliland’s First president. He successfully build the country made a flag, national anthem, military, police and all the governmental institutions (Ministries).

Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal was a role model and politician which made a different in the political perspective in both Somaliland and Somalia and I see that we have to follow his footsteps if we really want to make our governments shine.

Kamaal Hassan Adnan