Why I had chosen Law as my profession??
All the people are different from each other, and in fact everyone was been created uniquely which means human being have different behaviors, mindsets and attitudes. I was personally born curious and inquisitive; which furtherly led me to explore myself more proficiently. 
As a young child, I used to ask people “Why this is not happening? why the things are not getting better? why some people are like that? it is possible to make things better??
The desire of acquiring information besides my wish to see a better world gave me the courage to ask myself a brave question “Can I make a difference?” and actually I realized that the answer is “YES”. But another big question arose and it was “HOW”. 
How I can really make a difference? was a very long prevailing question which I thought about it for many days in my teenage.
later, I deeply understood the common principle that says “100 begun from 1” more clearly, I had discovered that through simple act of caring we can make big differences. Obviously, caring other people’s rights, promoting the common good, empowering others, promoting peace, articulating and speaking up for the human dignity is all great things to do. 
Human rights promote the rule of law, and the rule of law endorse justice, and justice enhance good governance, and good governments usually make communities inclusive, peaceful, prosperous and sustainable. THEN IT IS ALL ABOUT LAW. and that is why I had chosen to be a lawyer and practice law as my profession. 
As long as the law is that great career, we have to reinforce legal studies, everywhere in the country. furthermore, we need to have good lectures in all law schools, we have to make law students the agents of change and the leaders of tomorrow. 
Through law we can make things get better, we can convert hate to love, and conflicts to collaboration. And over all we can win peace through Law.
I see my self as a human being that should have his role to make a positive difference. and I am studying law to make this world a better place. 
Thank You.

Kamaal Hassan Adnan