The Japanese expression of gratitude we heard everywhere, almost always accompanied by a bow, delivered with a lilt, is so different from the distant almost insincere “thank you” we mutter in most parts of the world. …

The Trading Show is an esoteric conference that brings together people who work in niche areas of fintech like algorithmic trading and increasingly in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. …

In “Crypto” yes, but blockchain technology is thriving

Welcome to the first of our new periodic updates about our blockchain-tech focused funds, our strategy, our portfolio, and sector news.


  • Should you read this update? Only if you are curious about how a diversified VC fund focused on blockchain and ‘decentralized…

9 charts that tell the real story

1: The rise and fall of bitcoin

Bitcoin price. source: Google search for “bitcoin price”

Bitcoin has been spoken about a lot in the 10 years since its birth. Unleashed on the world in 2008, a few weeks after the financial crisis was ushered in as indicated by the fall of Lehman Brothers, it largely stayed in corners of the Internet till a mini bubble…

Anyone who is keenly interested in the blockchain sector, has probably realized that the blockchain technology market has matured and is primed to solve real-world problems, far separated from the hype and hysteria of cryptocurrencies. …

We recently completed our first overseas reconnaissance as we look to give our portfolio greater geographical diversification. Given the summer lull in the Americas and Europe, it seemed an opportune time to connect with a part of the world that does not slow down much in July and August: Asia.

First stop, India!

Those of you following AVG Blockchain Fund are probably aware of our laser focus on the foundational layers of the blockchain stack. Our strategy has been largely based on our published thoughts regarding near-term opportunities in the sector in infrastructure and protocols.

We have also developed a view that in…

Enough people asked me to present a primer on how blockchain works (rather to answer the question: is it Bitcoin or is it Blockchain) that I decided to put together a set of slides.

Note that I make some generalizations here in the interest of keeping it simple enough to be a first introduction.

My long form posts on Blockchain investing:

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by Esmé, my thirteen year old middle-schooler

(A heartfelt composition I was compelled to share)

I do not weep for my city as it is

I weep in memory of how it was

The luscious fields, the bustling streets

But above all, laughter and freedom that permeated through the desert…

Venture Capital as an asset class has mostly been associated with institutional investors like pension funds, endowments, and substantial family offices. When I recently met Mike Collins, founder and CEO of Alumni Venture Group, I was intrigued to hear of their unique business model whereby individual investors (much like myself…

Shyam Kamadolli

Entrepreneur turned VC and PE investor; Blockchain/Crypto/AI/ML focus; blogger; technophile, foodie, polyglot, poet

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