9 charts that tell the real story

1: The rise and fall of bitcoin

Bitcoin price. source: Google search for “bitcoin price”

Bitcoin has been spoken about a lot in the 10 years since its birth. Unleashed on the world in 2008, a few weeks after the financial crisis was ushered in as indicated by the fall of Lehman Brothers, it largely stayed in corners of the Internet till a mini bubble…

Enough people asked me to present a primer on how blockchain works (rather to answer the question: is it Bitcoin or is it Blockchain) that I decided to put together a set of slides.

Note that I make some generalizations here in the interest of keeping it simple enough to be a first introduction.

My long form posts on Blockchain investing:

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Shyam Kamadolli

Entrepreneur turned VC and PE investor; Blockchain/Crypto/AI/ML focus; blogger; technophile, foodie, polyglot, poet

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