CES 2018 in brief

My quick impressions for the week

  • 5G networks: vendors pushing it but operators not biting, yet
  • Wireless charging: accessories boom
  • Voice enabled everything via Alexa or Google Assistant; Google heavily investing in market share at this time
  • Consumer grade robotics: working better faster cheaper, but still not past gimmicky
  • VR: seems to be fading — new cheaper standalone handsets but not enough compelling content
  • AR: was remarkable in underperforming expectations
  • Cars: more gadgetry in traditional cars and only marginal improvements in self driving cars
  • Chip vendors: a lot of noise, but recent security hacks cast a shadow over new announcements
  • Phones: Nothing new to see here.. Huawei Mate 10 had a deflated US entry because AT&T pulled out at the last minute
  • Weather: Main highlight was flood creating rain early in the week which also created a power outage in the Las Vegas Convention Center…during the highest foot traffic period of the show
  • Other things Vegas: Uber/Lyft at unsustainably low prices, there is a supply management issue in the on-demand marketplace here. Casinos generally running way below capacity. Unusually short lines everywhere.

Welcome your insights!!