Collateral damage, in entrepreneurship

No, this is not yet another analytical piece from me like my recent ones on Deep Learning or the state of the private markets. Rather it is about the raw unprotected underbelly of entrepreneurship. Most of us are so enamored by the romance associated with founders, investors, and their successes (or failures) that we forget about the legions of early employees who take nearly as much risk as the protagonists of startup lore but remain unsung heroes for the most part.

Over the past few weeks much drama unfolded at ownCloud, a portfolio company that I have been deeply engaged with in a corporate development role. The events leading up to the nose-dive by what was considered a fairly successful startup and an even more impressive open source project has been the subject of much speculation, but to me the “why” matters a lot less than the impact on several employees who found themselves unexpectedly out of a job.

So today, I am writing plainly to ask if anybody in my readership is hiring for any of the functions below, since there are a few good people I would personally recommend. These folks are based in Boston (except for some in Sales) but there is some flexibility.

  • Sales for Enterprise SaaS / Subscription Software (US West Coast or pan-USA)
  • Sales engineering: someone who “GSD”; to build your MVPs and make your first technical sale
  • Bizops / Salesforce / Marketo Operations
  • Marketing management
  • Engineering management
  • Book-keeper / accountant (ideally part-time)

Helping out is easy — please fill the form below (also available here if the embed does not work well in your browser) and I will get in touch with you to follow up.

I appreciate the time and consideration!

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