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Chandra was robbed. Now i’m glad we got to see John Stone give the closing statement and have the panic attack that preceeded it but the author of the post is right that the steps the show took to get there were the biggest missteps this show took. The female-lawyer-falling-for-innocent-murder-suspect thus jeopardizing her career (not to mention freedom/life) just felt like an easy cop out for this show to take. Maybe the ends somewhat justify the means. I don’t know if the show could’ve gotten us to the John Stone hero-moments in a better way but the way this show built up our expectations of what it could be, Chandra’s career suicide felt unearned. As for the point about having to stuff all the procedural elements into the final episode, i don’t see anything wrong with that. On a one hour crime drama that might’ve taken ten minutes at most. Here we got one of Detective Box’s best scenes (at the casino) and best writing in the show. No problems with the pacing. Just feeling like Chandra got the short shrift.

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