How to Program ur Subconcious Mind through Chants

Our conscious decisions are made on the mental level with our mind. Therefore, all healing and all improvement in our living conditions start at this level. It is here that we must take the first step with a conscious decision that we want to improve conditions by following a suitable program. If we see the progression of our lives as a creative process, then we may see the mind as the architect.

Thinking is the most important tool for achieving such external success, while tender feelings are a disadvantage for success in our society. However, thinking is basically neutral and we can also use it to our advantage in healing our body as well as our emotions. Proper thinking is required to discard unsuitable beliefs and replace them with an appropriate belief system. If we accept that negative thoughts and beliefs are an originating cause of our health and social problems, then we may say that our mind is in need of healing by replacing disease-forming negative beliefs with health-giving positive beliefs.


The subconscious mind is most easily impressed by something that inspires awe, by authority, by ritual, the unusual and especially by enthusiasm. Whatever impresses you as a potential cure embrace it enthusiastically. Anything that you just try to see if it works is not likely to work.

Whatever you do must be totally convincing to your subconscious mind. Just believing something on the conscious mental level is by far not enough. If your subconscious mind is not convinced that something will cure you, then it will not work.

In order to heal our mind and use it more efficiently, we need to have a basic understanding of our lower self. This operates on a different level of consciousness than our normal consciousness or the middle self and has many of the characteristics of a separate entity. When working with it, it is best to regard and treat it as a faithful servant and partner.

It is advisable to be on good terms with our lower self because it is the power broker of the body. To use a contemporary example, the middle self is like the captain of a ship, the higher self is the shipping line and employer of the captain while the lower self is like the union boss on the ship. If the crew has any grievances, the boss may call a strike or otherwise make life difficult for the captain. The body self is comparable to the crew and very closely cooperates with the lower self.

The lower self supervises the following body functions:

1. It influences the body self and, with this, the physical body

2. It is the seat of our emotions

3. It receives all sense information

4. It keeps a record of all sense information, thoughts and feelings

5. It operates our memory bank

6. It operates our psychic abilities

7. It is the gateway of communication with our higher self

With this, all the real power of the body rests with the lower self, but it has one important shortcoming: it cannot think rationally and logically. It has only an elementary

Watch below the a simple technique to program ur mind.