Sent email to the wrong individual? Know how to review email on Gmail’s Undo Send feature

An email sent to the wrong individual may arrive us in an extraordinary shame. It more likely than not happened to every one of us sooner or later of time that we failed an email to the individual who was not intended to recieve the mail.

Here’s the manner by which you can review email on Gmail’s Undo Send highlight.

- Open Gmail

- In the upper right, click settings

  • In the “Fix Send” segment, check the container beside “Empower Undo Send”

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- In the “Send cancelation period” segment, set the measure of time you need to choose in the event that you need to unsend an email

- At the base of the page, click spare changes

- Undo sending your message

- After you turn on Undo Send, you can wipe out sending an email

- After you communicate something specific, you’ll see the message “Your message has been sent” and the alternative to Undo or View message

  • Click Undo if the message was sent to the wrong individual

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Hope you all liked this xD

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