Reflecting on Susan Fowler’s Reflections
Aimee Lucido

this is a great message to the men of tech companies. Sexism exists. The likelihood is that it’s much worse at your company than you think. There are a lot of places that aren’t lucky enough to have someone like Susan to bring up the issues to management so that the issue is recognized. Even fewer that are lucky enough to have many women bring up the issues that Susan brought up that corroborate her accounts.

I’m curious what your thoughts were when she spoke about deliberate attempts to gaslight conversations she had with other women, denying her basic career advancement for daring to request a change, and ultimately choosing to stand up for yourself rather than a company that is willing to throw you under the bus for an abusing, yet high performing, man. We have a long way to go here to fix the issues of tech industry, and one big step is for the companies that claim to care about issues of diversity to take action when it’s made clear to them that boundaries have been crossed.

It’s terrible what happened to you at Google. It emphasizes how important it was that you had a head of your department there to find out what was going on and take action (though, definitely not to the level it should have happened) but at the very least, they removed the perpetrator of the harassment. The head of your department didn’t ignore it until calls to boycott google started trending again.

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