Why Andela is for you

When I first heard of Andela boot camp, the name sounded funny for me. I mean,it’s not the name you would expect for a boot camp that trains novice software developer to become world class software developers.And since I have had a dream of developing my own video games and apps I did not hesitate to research and know more about Andela.

At first I was reluctant to apply because I saw it was the right place for me.Having done Java in college, I saw it as a waste of time to go for a software development boot camp that will only last two week and if you are lucky become a fellow.So why not get a job and start earning.

I eventually came to term with my elephant sized ego and I decided to go for it, what do I have to loose? I went online filled in a form and submitted it along with my resume and curriculum vitae. After a few days I got a reply from Andela with a link to a home curriculum and task that I was to complete before I could go for a face to face interview.

When I went through the home curriculum I was a bit frustrated and challenged at the same time.I mean, it was supposed to be a training program and not a programming contest. I was required to pick a new programming language learn it and practice and do online challenges before the timeline given.But there was no going back.I had tested the depth of sea with both feet and I had to learn to swim quickly.I was able to beat the timeline given.I was among the lucky few people who got chosen for a face to face interview and I went through to boot camp.

So far the Andela rigorous process is the best experience I have had.The process equips a learning developer with the required skills for becoming a world class software developer. Andela has given me a hands-on experience right from the day I applied.At each stage there are a challenges that as Andelan to be you have to accomplish and from that there is a new skill you learn.You learn by tackling real world problem. They also teach you how to learn by putting you in the right environment and exposes you to knew ideas that as a developer you should know.

Not only do they equip you with the right skills but also with values that you have to align with as you relate with other software developers out there.The value are E.P.I.C.C (Excellent, Passion, Collaboration and commitment).Not forgetting the learning culture and growth mindset and the quench to learn new things and become better each day. At Andela each day is a learning day.

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