From my point of view, media is not necessarily biased and a truly objective media outlet can be built. First and foremost, the media outlet should be established by a group of people with the same belief on outputting objective news information. Those establishers have to try their best to balance the benefits and the voices of the different audience in the different backgrounds.
 Secondly, they should not rely heavily on the capital that comes from advertising. It can prevent the conflict between corporate interest. However, in order to have sufficient capital to run a media outlet, the media outlet should have other business to support the media outlet, because if you marked price high on your newspaper or online newspaper, nobody will pay for it.
 Thirdly, the media outlet can allow the public be journalists. For example, everyone can report the incidents happened around them to the journalists in the media outlet. It can enhance the understanding on different incidents and save the human labor to find news in different districts. 
 Last but not least, the media outlet should have evaluations on their ways to reporting and practices of operating regularly to improve their status on professionalism.

Mex Z