Life as a Foundation student

According to my previous post which was long time ago, the result that i earned got me choosing Foundation in Science as the next step to pursue my ambition which somehow still undecided yet but science itself is general so fingers crossed i’ll choose courses related in science and not engineering for my degree. Being enrolled in the university, is certainly like an eye opening for me. Take for example, i can come home every weekend which for only every two weeks considering the distance from my house is quite far.

In terms of lecture, it went well i guess. Of course, i was shocked at first. Imagine two chapters of Physics can be finished under 2 hours lecture. Sure it was hell trying to revise what has been thought but youtube’s an amazing source. I was lucky enough to be placed in a lecture which only consist of three groups. Well, some had five groups.

One thing that i regret is not studying from the very beginning. That explains why my carry marks doesn’t looks convincing and that of course leads to burning the midnight oil for finals. I have to say, it was tough. I had to consume caffeine twice a day. Slept at almost 4 am everyday. All because of fear of having to repeat paper. But long story short, here i am in the middle of semester break for two months. Sure i was glad it was all over.

But there was one thing that haunts me every single day though. What if i fail? What if my results can’t secure me enough to pursue my ambition? What if i ended up taking something that has nothing to do with the field i’m currently on to?

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