Introduction To Success

If we all settled for what life gave us, if we had no goals, if we had no ambition to change our condition, if we only worked to make it through the day and did not think about the future, Life would be very easy for us. But more often than not, individuals dare to want more. You dare to achieve a goal. Some dare to separate themselves from the rest and do something different. Make some money, find work, start a business

When you desire to succeed, you awaken a hidden force in the world. Amidst the darkness of individuals who have settled, a light shines in you when you decide to be different. You decide to want more, to do more. By doing this, you have chosen something new, so, consequently, you have to be introduced.

Everything you embark on first starts with an introduction

The world has over 6 billion people, not everybody will be like James Mwangi(current C.E.O Equity Bank). Not everybody will be that great artist or that great businessman. Before i continue, some individuals believe that some of those great people have an amazing skill which allowed them to be where they are, where you want to be, they therefore feel inferior. As much as that might be true, am not here to tell you about those qualities. Am here to tell you about the single most important quality, a quality that everyone has. A thought to succeed. Everyone has had this thought, I believe this is the quality which allows us humans to be equal in this world.

We all have the ability to want something.

In the simplest or most complex of things. I argue that when you want something, when you desire something, you will be met with resistance. A resistive force directly proportional to the magnitude of your desire.

Example, wanting to make a billion shillings is not the same as wanting to make a hundred shillings. Therefore, the resulting forces opposing the two desires will be different. Very different. And note i say the forces, not the challenges.

So, why the opposition? Why can’t we all be billionaires? Why can’t we all drive the cars in the magazines? Well, there’s a group of people who don’t even want that. So *poof, there goes that bunch. Those are the people who live simple lives, because their lack of wanting creates no opposition forces and therefore no challenges, they live comfortably, sailing a calm sea throughout their lives.

But there is the other breed. The breed that wants.

I tell you this now, the very first time you decide that you want something. Immediately, the force will awaken. The opposing force will begin it’s work on you, you might not feel it at first but its there. Why? Because it is responsible for refining you, changing you, preparing you for the success at the end. So if you have embarked on something new, and you are being met with challenges, challenges resulting from this force, Congratulations! You are being Introduced to Success.

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