My Theory on Love

Recently i read an article on how muscles grow. How only under intense pressure (e.g weight lifting) the body releases hormones that prompt muscle repair and hence mucsle build up.

To relate that to Love,

Only under stress do muscles grow and floruish. This can be related to every aspect of our lives, think about it, the greatest successes are usually not easy to attain. They require some form of intellectual, mental or physical exertion. Now, my point you say…

Good Long Lasting Love is not easy, has never been easy and will never be easy

Well thats not the theory, thats a fact. We all know that. And since we do, let me take a few lines and prove by example that the inverse is true.

From a guys persepctive

When you see an attractive lady and you decide to go after her, even if not immediately, even if you still get butterflies when talking to her, even if she laughs at every joke you make and you are positive that this is love, if the relationships elevates to GIRLFRIEND level fast, with no hiccups , no real strain, no substantial stress, no tangible hard to get technique employed by the lady. I bet you this, the relationship will flop, maybe after a year, two or maybe even a few weeks. My conclusion, Maaaan no Obama and Mitchell kinda love will ever come that easy, trust me…i have watched their movie

-Southside With You- a great movie for love enthusiasts

Now my theory, this time no detours

When a guy approaches a lady who he wants to be hers, a lady who’s smile is apparently everything he thinks about. A lady who makes him think about wanting to start a family, a lady who makes him want to re-arrange some things in his life, a lady who he genuinely feels |Is the one| the guy is naturally good to her, he treats her well, is courteous and is generally on his best behaviour around her.

My theory is, when the lady senses this, she rises to the challenge. In a world full of men with asshole behaviour, she sees something good and so wants it to last.

Even if not consciously, she will want to make it hard for the guy, why?
So that it last!

This is completely opposite to if the guy had part asshole part gentleman behaviour, in her mind, this is not the guy to raise three kids with. This is not the guy to introduce to dear mum or dear dad. This is not the guy to take long walks with and talk to about how she has always wanted to be a photographer.

So unconsciously, she might make it easy, play just a little hard to get, why? …you guessed it

Because in the back of her mind, probably from an evolutionally guide we try to numb so hard with technology, she knows that when it’s easy, it wont last! She will therefore fall easy because she does not want it to last with that |kind of guy|.

  • Remember, my argument is that she is unaware of this

That is my theory on why |Bad Boys| are generally good with chiqs, not because they are necessarily better at making females like them but because the female identifies wrong traits in them and therefore makes it easy for him. All this so that it doesn’t last. You might argue that its because they are more confident or smooth, but i see that as a ripple effect from women making it easy for them. And consequintley the good guy often has less confidence in himself because his

|goodness| makes it hard for him to get the girl he wants. In as much as there may be other factors contributing to this. He blames it on his crooked smile, his flimsy muscles or something equally untrue. Predomitally this theory, my theory, is true. I argue that its because of him being |good| that women are |harder| on him. So if you are a good guy, which i beleive most men are, this is bound to affect you at some point in your life. But atleast now you know why. ☺

Am not looking to prove this theory, i already beleive its true.


I don’t write about love, never have, probably never will, it was late, i had things on my mind. Plus its my first published article.


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Thank You for reading.

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