Bootcamp’s Day2 at Andela-Kenya: On my Mark!

The first day had proven fun and I could not wait to get to the ‘Dojo’. I arrived at Andela’s premises at 6.15 am, being the first one to report that day. The warm-ups were different from the previous day’s. I was impressed with the ingenuity of the Andela Fellow in charge. I was invited to take over the sports for a couple of minutes.

With a lot of coding and research to do, I was inspired to carefully plan my time and seek more counsel from other fellows​. The second day was characterized by intense pressure hailing from endless assignments and higher instructors’ expectations. We were expected to understand Python Functions and Classes before our next class. I took time to follow tutorials from Python’s forums which were greatly helpful. I concluded all of the previous day’s assignments by noon.

After reviewing our food for thought , we commenced our first lesson of the day which was on the use of Git. We profoundly explored other ways of sharing code, ironing out channels like Bitbucket, GitHub, Pastie, among others. The trainer then took us through the mechanism of sharing open source projects via Git. He also expounded on Git as a platform for tackling projects collaboratively.

I spent most of the day doing coding challenges from Coderbyte, CodingBat and helping out my desk mates. After much practice and research, I was able to tackle class algorithms and regex that had previously given me problems.

I shared a table with the soft skills trainer during lunch time and had my interpersonal skills refined.

Later in the afternoon, I was invited to take my peers through modules in Python. I spent my evening coding and researching on soft skills management. In addition, I committed some time in the evening to teaching a fellow trainee how to use Git.