A Strange Feeling

It’s barely halfway into the first week of Bootcamp and I can assure you that I am starting to feel the side effects of Andela Bootcamp. It’s a deadly cocktail of mental and physical corrosion. Certainly one that you wouldn’t want to drink. My head is overloaded and caffeine is being pumped in my veins since blood no longer works. The long hours that stretch into the dead of night are making my eyes bulge out like those of a Tasier (ancient nocturnal mammal). Certainly, sleep is the enemy and time is my friend. Only Bootcampers and Andela fellows can attest to this.

Despite my body wearing out work needs to be delivered. I need to constantly seek help from the EPIC Andela team and assist my fellow Bootcampers who find themselves caught up in the quick sands of the coding world.

This is Andela. It’s EPIC and certainly Not for the faint hearted.

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