Bootcamp — Not for the faint hearted

Do you know what Bootcamp is? If not let me explain by using a crude example.

Have you ever flipped through your TV channels and all of a sudden bumped into a news coverage or documentary and saw children undergoing intense training courtesy of some old looking Al-Qaeda or ISIS fawkes? If yes, that’s a great example definition of bootcamp (though crude).If no, just know that Bootcamp is a rigorous training program designed to get the best human assets to carry out a mission. It’s a pre-mission training, and how do you get the best human assets? Of course, that’s through intensive training. Whether you make it through the training is determined by factors such as determination, physical strength (some cases), attitude among others.

Back to our topic of the day.

By the time you are reading this blog am pretty sure you might have heard or read articles on the internet about a tech startup known as Andela . It hails from New York but breeds in Africa where it’s in constant search for top talent and trains young Africans. The end product being quality African engineers that ooze with arrays of skills who work for top clientele.

When I applied for the Andela program, it never crossed my mind on what I was getting myself into until I did the Homestudy curriculum & test, followed by an interview and now bootcamp. Ooooh boy!. Just when you start thinking you’re about to reach the ‘Promised Land’ that’s when things start getting THICK. The Andela two week bootcamp is so intense in that one is taught a LOT and required to do self-learning as well collaborative learning all in a very short span of time. Ooh! And before I forget there are daily deliverables you need to accomplish still in that brief time.

I can guarantee you that time is one the factors that catches many bootcampers off guard including I. Andela bootcamp is a ‘Have your cake and eat it’ affair while keeping in mind to seek help and help others.At bootcamp you learn on the go. It’s not for the faint hearted.

No wonder difficult roads often lead to very beautiful places. Trust me, Andela is one of them and it’s EPIC.

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