Changes in Bootcamp 12

It’s Monday and the gods have ushered in the second week of bootcamp with rain. It appeared they were playing with the remote control since they kept playing and pausing the rain. If I were up there, I would have unleashed a lightning bolt and whipped them. Their indecisiveness had also trickled down to the bootcamp facilitators who kept assigning and reassigning projects to bootcampers. Honestly, this was boiling my anger.

Bootcamp is like the weather which changes constantly. Each is different in terms of the way it’s conducted. For instance, in the previous bootcamps, the entire two weeks of training were conducted on a full time basis at the ‘Dojo’ while in the current bootcamp 12 the training was split into two sessions. The first week was a home session whereby we were given daily tasks and post links on a Trello board once completed while in the second week the training was being conducted on a full time basis at the ‘Spire’ facility which was away from the Andela main offices. The concept of a one week home session and another week on a full time session is better because it forces bootcampers to seek help remotely via Slack platform. It also saves on bus fare.

Responding to feedback is also another positive change that I saw facilitators encouraging bootcampers to act on since it aided in reflection and self-improvement. This was something I embraced and helped me grow by not taking things personally.

Something that I found difficulty in adapting to was the change of bootcamp group facilitators. Aw yeah! It was like taking away candy from a child and replacing it with ice cream. The facilitator who was assigned to a particular a group in week one won’t be the same facilitator handling the group in week two.

Change is good and adaptability is a survival skill that helps us cope it.

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”

~Kakuzo Okakaura