When I was a toddler, my younger brother and I used to climb on tall trees back in our rural home. Our faces would glow in orange red colors as we marveled at the sunset hour. Feasting on the beautiful scenery was something that I always cherished. Occasionally, I would cast my eyes at the foot of the tree and wonder…

Bootcamp is tough. I can’t explain how I made it this far but I do know that each day has been a branch that edged me closer to the very top.

If you would have approached me five days ago and asked me to create a beautiful web application that translates languages, most likely I would have responded back with a long hard stare. Prior to bootcamp my front-end development skills were extremely poor. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have rated myself at 2. I have been a slave to downloading ready-made website templates and slightly modifying the CSS and HTML without necessarily understanding what the code does. In the Swahili language, there’s a proverb that states “Unjanja wa nyani huishia jangwani”. This translates to “The tricks of the monkey end in the desert” .Today we were required to create a simple front-end web application from scratch however I started working on this task a day ago since I knew I had a lot to cover in regards to my front-end skills .I had to learn how to use the bootstrap framework because I knew my facilitator would sniff me out from several miles if I pulled a template stunt.

The Andelab tests have proven to be true puppet masters and I must perform the movements they require of me. Being their puppet is the hardest thing that makes me sick to the stomach.

Time is moving at break neck speeds like a Formula 1 race car. It constantly eludes and I need to catch up with it by submitting assignments on time. Bootcamp has been an EPIC experience where I have acquired new skills and despite the challenges I have encountered so far, I won’t surrender.

A barbarian does not die equal to a Roman”

~ Proculus

Difficult roads often lead to very beautiful places and bootcamp is certainly one of them. This is Andela. #TIA

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