The Death of “Alternative Energy”
Andrew Beebe

Discover of my new science formula in physics about clean energy production can protect our planet from destruction!

This new hydroelectric scientific formula (E>P+1at) is the near future of renewable energy in the world and it can solve climate change difficulties soon!

(Ee>Ep+E1at) = (E>P+1at)

What is the most difficult scientific question of global hydroelectric that no one scientists could the answer to it?

Now the hard global question!

How can we produce clean energy in a best way by the potential of water Static head in dams & seas that this water pressure can push to the center of planet?


This is by getting benefit of joint scientific formula (E>P+1at) with immersion turbines method inside the water of dams & seas (Immersion turbines of series and parallel in zero point of opposite forces).

Ee= High pressure clean energy that is produced by the water power plants in the depth of water via released fixed potential energy of water natural pressure (More than ten meters of water) with new method (Immersion turbines of series and parallel in zero point of opposite forces).

Ep= Released fixed potential energy of water natural pressure in water depth (More than ten meters of water).

E1at= Amount of energy that is consumed at a small pump of one atmosphere power is the ability (In the same place of the water power plant in water depth).

Many scientists believe that the discovery of the formula is unparalleled. Although many still in shock! How this formula has not be discovered by scientists in the world. Answer to a hard question that scientists are searching for hundreds of years and they can control of climate change and stop global warming soon.

My new formula and new method can change the world and start a new industrial revolution soon. Note: This new solution and this new formula invention in Iraq and Turkey to formally accepted.

This invention is patented in Department of Justice in Kurdistan of Iraq №952/6 on 12/6/2013.

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