The Beginning Of An Journey

Hi and welcome to my first blog post! This was my birthday (the big 21) resolution to start writing more whether if it’s about tech, or my personal life. This blog will mostly be dedicated to tech and I hope, unlike my other birthday resolutions, that this is something that sticks for me. I have always been interested in programming and coding, which was something that I’ve dabble with on and off until this year. This year I decided to commit to it and make a career out of it. I had basic prior knowledge but that was years ago and while the core fundamentals are about the same, the key principles have changed. So for this Summer Sixteen I’ve decided to start from scratch(well sort of). I’m giving my self about six months or basically until January to find an internship or a job with my new found skills. Every 2 months or so I will be focusing on a core language or framework. After getting an intermediate understanding of HTML and CSS I’ve decided to put my focus into JavaScript. Now I am close to getting an moderate understanding of JavaScript. I am also focusing on python as a back- end language. This may eventually change into ruby but who knows.

Working with multiple languages and frameworks can easily become overwhelming. There are so many different resources and advice that over time you just get distracted reading up on things instead of actually practicing it. That’s my biggest recommendation to anyone reading this. Always code something everyday no matter how mundane or boring it may seem. It adds on to your skill set and makes sure that you are actually learning. I’m pretty sure no one has learned to ride a bike from just reading alone, they have to actually practice it first. And practicing for programmers could be as simple as making a calculator.

That’s why I am going to be working on one main Project every month and in the mean time keep my self going by working on multiple smaller projects that actually help me learn and development. Small projects allow you to see the progress that you are making over time as well, which is why it is so important to always be practicing and working on something. This can help me build up a portfolio while I am still working at my current job. This can also help me refine what I want to do with web development. Maybe I’ll end up liking mobile apps more than web apps. We will see how this goes and hopefully I end up with an amazing portfolio.