• Haroon Rasheed

    Haroon Rasheed

  • Matt Shwery

    Matt Shwery

    coffee, ux, product engineer @segment

  • Tien-Che Tsai

    Tien-Che Tsai

    Software engineer from Taiwan, working at London. Github/Twitter/LinkedIn: @sodastsai

  • Shreyas


    Growth Team Manager@Atlassian. s/data/information/ig

  • Elena Elkina

    Elena Elkina

    I Live for Living! Founder - Women in Security and Privacy, Board Member - Leading Women in Technology, Privacy Innovator

  • Marian Lucas

    Marian Lucas

    Self-taught Product designer. Also involved in a couple of exciting new projects! — I write about tech, marketing and GTD principals. Cheers.

  • Jake Hartnell

    Jake Hartnell

    Founder of @Common_Garden, previously designer and engineer @Hypothes_is.

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