Top 3 Software Tools to Create Multiple Accounts on Social Networks

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In our previous post, we briefly discussed why you may need multiple accounts on Facebook or other social networks, how you can use them, and the easiest ways to register those accounts. A recap for those who missed it: it is possible to use multiple accounts either by creating them on your own or by buying pre-registered accounts from a third party. In the latter case, you still have to be able to sign-in from your own device and figure out how to change the fingerprint without detection.

How to uniquely identify a computer on the internet is becoming the focus, more and more, of cybersecurity systems and advertisers as they work to find new ways to do this. A few years ago, a simple VPN software would prevent you from being banned based on a single browser identity. Today, Facebook and other social networks can track you using your IP address, digital fingerprints, and cookies, as well as behavioral factors.

As of May 2018, Facebook took the following position on the matter:

We’re committed to doing everything we can to keep fake accounts off Facebook. The good news is that over the past year, we’ve gotten increasingly better at finding and disabling fake accounts. We now block millions of fake accounts each day as people try to create them, thanks to improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

At the same time, these challenges create opportunities for new technologies to develop. In today’s post, we will focus on the most popular software solutions that can aid you in hiding your online identity when using multiple accounts from the same device.

Get to Know the Available Options: Kameleo, Multilogin, and Tor

Software solutions to maintain your privacy online include a wide variety of private search engines, VPNs, browsers, plugins, and applications. Here, we will showcase the three most popular and efficient options that can be used for creating and keeping multiple accounts on various platforms, like Facebook.

Tor, which is short for The Onion Router, initially served to protect the communications of the U.S. Navy. Now, it is a non-profit organization that helps you anonymize your traffic through the web. On the other hand, Kameleo and Multilogin are commercial applications to spoof fingerprints and create fake virtual profiles.

User Experience and Functionality

Tor looks like the usual web browser and allows you to access websites indirectly using the Tor network and hide your browser identity. Tor network consists of countless relay points that transmit your data along with added layers of encryption. The ‘onion’ in the project’s name represents these multiple ‘peels’ of encryption.

Although Tor is capable of solidly protecting your privacy, it substantially compromises your user experience, compared to standard browsers. This is because Tor has no JavaScript support and so disables this functionality to prevent information leakage. Using Tor, it is not possible to log in to all accounts while browsing the web on the same session because in this case, all data exchange with the website has the same exit point.

On the other hand, Kameleo and Multilogin are integrated into the normal browser experience and spoof fingerprints seamlessly. These tools create virtual browser profiles with individual fingerprints, browsing history, and cookies, building multiple online identities instead of simply hiding it. This way, it is possible to have both the best internet security and user experience at once.

Intelligent Fingerprint Spoofing

Kameleo and Multilogin both can simply override existing fingerprints and create a virtual profile to mask your device. Each profile will keep different cookies, local storage data, and search history in addition to the full spectrum of new fingerprints. The combination of all these factors creates the final picture of your online identity as it is seen by the intended server.

Manual change of fingerprints, and especially Canvas identifiers, can result in an unnatural profile that might be easily spotted by the website algorithms. In Kameleo, browser data can be set to one of the base profiles and spoof fingerprints untraceably. Internet security reviews and tests indicate that this solution creates the most natural canvas fingerprints so that even the most advanced machine learning algorithms can’t detect fake profiles.

Pricing and Support

Tor is free to install and quite easy to use, and typical users do not require any assistance to set it up. Although Tor does not offer regular support, it is possible to reach the project team with questions or comments via email.

Multilogin and Kameleo both offer real-time support via the usual channels (live chat, email, etc.). In terms of pricing, Kameleo is a much more affordable option: monthly access costs only $59 as compared to the €99 charged by Multilogin. In addition, Multilogin limits the number of virtual profiles, while Kameleo does not have these restrictions.

What to Expect in the Near Future: Further Automation

In 2019, it is now possible to have a smooth and seamless browser experience while keeping your identity hidden with fake browser profiles that contain fingerprints, cookies, and search history. Kameleo also has an additional feature that allows users to disable Selenium Web Driver and face fewer CAPTCHAs.

In the nearest future, it is reasonable to expect new advances in fingerprint spoofing in response to the sharper prying eyes of web watchdogs and advertisers. Affiliates and marketing managers might also benefit from further automation of their regular operations on social networks. For example, it is possible to like, post, and comment on the new accounts from a single tab. User interfaces on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be customized to include additional features, analytics, or integration with other platforms.


Social platforms may ban newly created accounts based on the full collection of identification points, cookies, browsing history and user behavior. In this article, we discussed how to protect your privacy online with three popular tools: Kameleo, Multilogin, and Tor.

All of them can hide your online presence well. Tor completely deactivates fingerprinting, whereas Kameleo and Multilogin mask it by creating fake virtual profiles. Kameleo is an attractive option if you are looking for a seamless browser experience, more natural canvas spoofing, and affordable pricing. Tor is the best solution if you are looking for a free option and are willing to sacrifice functionality for it.


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