Seek the Truth

Field trips are not something I thought I would do when I got to college, but today I took my second field trip. Today, for my person branding J-term class, we took a field trip to Evolve Digital Labs. Evolve Digital Labs does a lot of the back-end work for sites. They do search engine marketing, online lead generation, performance website audit, and website optimization.

We broke into different groups and spoke with people specialize in areas we are interested in pursuing. I went with a small group to talk to Evolve Digital Labs web developer, Jesse Kemper. After Jesse earned his degree in Computer Science he decided to be a freelance web developer; he helped small business start-up. He said he started with the front-end side and then over time wanted to do more so decided to start doing more back-end work. One of the projects he is currently working on is Nature Variety dog food. They are working on two different sites for them and they have been working on this project for about two and a half months.

We asked Jesse if there was any coding languages we should focus on and he told us to pick two to three and just focus on those. You do not need to know them all, but make sure the ones you know you actually know. The three he though were most important were HTML, PHP, and JavaScript.

We also talked about time management with Bobby Obmaces, another guy that works at Evolve Digital Labs as a Program Manager. He showed us some programs they use to keep track of their projects. The first one he showed us was Trello. Trello is very similar to Basecamp, a program they used before Trello and a program I work with. Trello shows where they are at with a project and who needs to do what and when it needs to be done. A cool thing about Trello is it connects to Google calendar, so your schedule for when things are do shows up on your calendar. Bobby also showed us Harvest, a program that tracks time.

Along with Bobby’s talk on time management, Jesse gave us some advice for managing time on a project. He told is that figuring out how long it takes you to do something is important for figuring out how long a project will take. He also advised us to add in extra time at the end for all the little tweaks that may have to be made.

Jesse ended by giving us some advice for when we get out into the real world. He told us to keep learning and doing more. Our industry is always going to be changing and we have to be able to keep up with all of the trends in our industry. He also told us not to undervalue our time. What we do can be extremely hard and very time consuming so we need to make sure we put a proper value on what we do.